Executive Head. Chef Special Skills: Seafood, Fruit and Vegetable Carving.

Chef Sawek is in charge of our kitchen and oversees all our dishes are prepared & presented to our very high standard. Back home in Thailand he has had over 20 years experience as an Executive Chef in a famous seafood restaurant in Pattaya.& the Middle East He has received many awards for his carving skills and came top in the U.K National Fruit Carving Competition 2003. He has used his skills to train our Chefs and bring them up to the level required to work in Thai Xperience. His passion with Thai cuisine has inspired him to introduce many new dishes and bring variety with passion in our menu.

Executive Chef. Special Skills: Esarn cuisine.

Esarn is a slang word for the provinces in the North east of Thailand which borders Laos and Cambodia. Chef Thongbor has been worked in many top hotels and restaurants, in Thailand as a Chef. She originally came from the North east of Thailand and has been brought up to cook Laos food from the tender age of 15. From there she then moved to Bangkok and started her career as a Top Chef. Her special skill in cooking North eastern food has introduced many mouth-watering salads and fish dishes. Try her mouthwatering Steamed Seabass With lemongrass.